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Sifu Hsu in Palo Alto, CA - February 2006

For two weeks in February, Sifu Hsu conducted intensive training - his special 5-section Kung Fu Punch Program - at all our classes. Here are a few pictures!

At St. Mark's Church and at Cubberly Community Center in Palo Alto, CA:

Sifu Hsu (rear) supervises moving punches.
The Mind and sinking - a major theme.
And more sinking!

At Serra Park in Sunnyvale, CA - Our last Sunday class with Sifu Hsu.

Sifu assigns Meilin to recap the new training.
Stationary Punch
Silkworm Walk.
Moving Punch
The Crab Walk
Sifu's Final Advice: "Treat yourself like a human being, not a machine." and "Use your Mind with every movement. Practice with your heart."